The Cloud Connecte vision

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Yann Le Solleu
Founding CEO

The digital transformation in everyday life has accelerated since the advent of the smartphone and always-on connectivity. The era of “internet everywhere” has become a reality.

As an inventor, this ahead-of-the-curve technological vision has been central to envisaging, and then developing, the best method of offering easy-access mobile solutions combining innovative experiences of media convergence and real-time personalisation.

Thanks to this technology, which is covered by an active patent and R&D, we market solutions for personal mobile connectivity and interactivity for the brand and media world. Our product range, diverse in its objectives, enables the creation of personalisable mobile journeys. The journey is accessed by a universal mobile call to action visible on communication tools (screens, posters etc).
The health crisis of 2020 strengthens our vision and the greater need for innovative “contactless” solutions that at the same time offer marketing security, experience and measurability. Through Data, we are proposing a silo-free vision of the whole of the consumer journey.

But these digital journeys can only exist in the ethical framework of the secure processing of personal data that have been collect-ed (GDPR), which requires a formal process in the processing chain (regulations, brand DPO etc).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you, too, would like to offer mobile journeys that generate passion and value.


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