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Access Control

Access control via mobile phone.


Widespread use of mobile phones increasingly appears to be the most appropriate rationalization option in preference to the ever-growing choice of access control means (badges, smart cards, biometry, etc.)

Because of its interoperability and security aspects, the M2Key solution suits particularly well a domain where keys, badges etc. are less and less used, and remote control becomes the trend.

A secured and generic access control

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M2Key selects the control point through the display of:

  • a rotating token (or security token) dynamically displayed on a dedicated screen
  • a QR code dynamically refreshed on a graphical screen
  • an NFC tag programmed with a periodically modified code


M2Key, by combining this code and the ID parameters linked to the smartphone, creates, on this particular mobile phone, a unique authentication key that can lock and unlock this particular access point.

The M2Key platform records any activities on each and every access point under its control.


  • Access control dematerialization for all type of mobile phones, including NFC technologies.
  • Remote and centralized profiles and rights management (lower operation costs, better handling of lost or failed actions.)
  • Gathers multiple physical access control solutions under the same and unique mobile technology umbrella.
  • Improved convenience for the end user by means of a unique authentication chain, whatever the type of access.