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Discover our universe

Welcome to the world of mobile interactivity, with no contact and no limits.
Using a QR code, access an innovative, customised brand journey, in 2D or motion design etc

Discover the scope of our solutions, the multiplicity of parame-ters, user contexts and media and business drivers.

Using a SaaS platform (M2Key TM)*, generate a unique, personal-ised experience, while at the same time measuring campaign ef-fectiveness.
Compliant with GDPR and opt-in** standards, the DATA collected and the real-time monitoring generate an advertising ROI up to turnover achieved.

* Technological solution described in an active invention patent
** Voluntary consent to the transmission of personal data

The benefits

A universal, cost-free opt-in user login

The experience begins with the QR code: the brand universe comes to you

Potential to offer a premium marketing and media experience on a grand scale


Multi-channel monetisation and provisioning journey:
Social media, the Web, TV, Print and Store

The interactive journey with multiple parameters is totally innovative.
QR codes are being used more and more on different communica-tion media:
quick, easy, attractive and universal!

Access to qualified metrics, ROI and DATA

Simplicity and speed of deployment (SaaS) and real-time monitoring

Impactful traffic levers in-store, on the Web and on social media

Some key figures


Impactful traffic levers in-store, on the Web and on social media

42 to 55%

drive-to-store conversion rate
(variable depending on how attractive the rewards are)


Web-to-store conversion rate
(Facebook page, variable depending on how attractive the re-wards are)


of users share content on social media (Facebook & Instagram)


of users subscribe to the brand’s newsletter


Mass Social Media:
hundreds of thousands of unique qualified contacts each month


Secure (https) data collection

Optional mobile carrier geolocation (postcode – GPS)

Data management complies with European legislation (GDPR)

Secure data access and transfer