Engage, buzz, transform

Let’s reinvent the interactive consumer experience on smartphone!

universal function in a saturated mobile app market.

Make the game yours!*

* Make the game yours !

A fun journey, custom developed and deployed, in which one or more users interact on screens!

A multiplicity of possible contents and settings make the experience quite extraordinary…
Let’s get going!

Your mobile becomes the interactive remote control
for your journey:
experience it live on a second screen!

An interactive digital journey of events, fully customisable

“Drive-to”” content, store and Web

Qualified DATA and metrics

ROI measurable by media and communication platform

Simplicity of deployment (SaaS) and real-time monitoring

Upselling and cross-selling

Multilingual services and gameplay settings

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The interactive experience on mobile

* The interactive experience

Take a fun or informative journey, app-free and contact-free!
This service is available on offline platforms – unconnected media (posters, magazines, flyers, etc.) and on mass media (the Web, so-cial networks, TV).
The experience is personal, “one to one” with your smartphone

The benefits

Easy deployment, via a variety of platforms

A unique experience for the end user

The Flash & Magic Premium and One to One ”Combo” can maxim-ise your platforms, DATA and ROI

The user logs in, solo or with others

The brand collects the qualified DATA and measures the ROI per platform

A source of growth in turnover and qualified contacts