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On the spot secured services

This sample case has been used at the summer camp of the EIT/ICT lab, under the name of City Hunt and finalist of the challenge IET ICT Idea Challenge on November 20th 2014 in London.

M2Key and tourism development

My Mobile becomes “My Urban Passport”

This is the first mobile and global tourist interactive solution dedicated to outside (or Digital Out Of Home) communication constraints
Intelligent access to a located tourist profile using a mobile, simplified, authentication process.
The service is considered as a connection facilitator between a mobile user and a Tourist Office.


The ever-growing number of mobile applications is becoming an obstacle to digital visibility. It becomes difficult to find the right application for the right service at the right place.
One of the biggest challenges for a tourist city is to be able to use the internet to broadcast relevant and up to date information to all visitors, including the foreigners who are facing the additional constraint of the high price of data roaming.
With M2Key technology, it becomes possible to broadcast tourist content adapted to the criteria of personal users, combined with their real-time location in town, through dedicated tourist digital kiosks. These numeric points-of -information can be equipped with WiFi hot spot connection means, in order to address the data roaming issue faced by foreign tourists.


The solution consists of connected urban structures linking the physical landscape (represented by the structure or totem itself) to digital mobility.
It becomes easy to download an application and/or tourist content directly from the totem, thereby dramatically increasing the availability of information.
The ability to open a cloud-based secured session between the service totem and smartphones makes possible the creation of new tourist services involving personal and critical information exchanges.
This is a non-intrusive mechanism because the action engaged on the totem is voluntarily launched by the user.

The numeric kiosk

The numeric kiosk enables the identification of each and every tourist connecting to it. This kiosk is then able to deliver personalized information, adapted to the user’s profile and to the location where it is placed.
The ability to handle several connections at the same time increases the ROI of each Point of Information.


The visitor flashes a QR code or charges an NFC tag with his smartphone, to be identified and authenticated on this totem, and is then able to download specific applications or offerings adapted to his profile and to this particular place.
Adding a Wifi hotspot to the generic solution can solve the commercial issue of the high price of data roaming.


For the Tourist Office

  • Interactive value chain and User retention
  • Better fit of commercial offers (shopping, visits)
  • Widespread Viral promotion of the city
  • Improved tourist targeting (including foreigners)

For Tourists

  • Improved access to the tourist information
  • Profile recognition of all equipped supports
  • Tourist basket adapted to a tourist profile
  • Personalized promotions (shopping, visits)