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Points of sale control

Enables users to securely take control of a vending machine with their mobile phones.


In view of the increasing number of automated Points of Sales (POS), it might be worth creating a new user experience by making a customer able to interact with a POS from their mobile phone in a secured way.

The Cloud Connecte M2Key authentication patent makes it possible to set a secured service transaction between a user, who controls the operation from their mobile phone, and a vending machine which delivers a service.

The vending machine

A connected vending machine equipped with M2Key technology can display:

  • A rotating token (or security token) periodically refreshed and dynamically displayed on a dedicated screen
  • A QR code dynamically refreshed on a graphical screen
  • An NFC tag programmed with a periodically modified code


When a customer uses the displayed code (sends the code by SMS, or flashes the QR code, or scans the NFC tag) the vending machine can be notified of who is asking for a service. According to the user’s profile, the vending machine can prepare the customer’s favourite choice. It then validates the transaction or the payment from the user’s private account without involving any additional traditional payment means.

Example scenario

The user flashes the QR code displayed on the vending machine screen with an appropriately-branded mobile application. This very simple and smooth action triggers the launch of a secured and unique message to the service provider. As well as the selection choice, this message links to profile information about this particular consumer, as well as the account status of their own service provider.

Let’s have an example; Mr. Smith usually has his coffee short, and without sugar. This pre-configured information can then be validated or modified by the customer, on his mobile phone or directly on the interactive display of the machine, before being sent to the platform for action. The vending machine can then prepare the invoice, (short coffee without sugar), and the corresponding amount is debited from the consumer’s account opened with this service provider.
Of course, the same process for the same result can be achieved by using an NFC tag in lieu of the QR code.


  • Simplifies transactions
  • Accelerates the payment validation process
  • Retains consumer’s information
  • User profiles real-time analysis (preferences, previous choices, parameters, etc.)
  • Better and quicker product adaptation to the general trend , or fashion
  • Enhances conversion rates
  • Increases sales